You can be hypnotised against your will... and then made to do ANYTHING!


"All truth passes through three stages:
first, it is ridiculed;
next it is violently attacked;
finally, it is held to be self-evident."


Never before has there been such a contentious expose of hypnosis as this, revealing another perception of the truth, making it plain for all to see the reality of hypnotism, how it really works, the authenticity of hypnosis, hypnotherapy qualifications, what we are led to believe, and also how stage hypnosis works, and the potential dangers of hypnosis.

In the late 1980's Dr.Jeremy Wheeler trained as a hypnotherapist, and laterJeremy Wheeler. Hypnotist diverted into stage hypnosis. Most of his hypnotic shows emanated from re-bookings making him one of the busiest comedy hypnotists in the business. Giving up a profession that was earning him a small fortune, for very little work, was hard to walk away from. Jeremy feels it is only morally right for the public to see a different perspective based around this highly controversial subject, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis, and the dangers of hypnosis, and who better to tell the story than someone with first-hand experience, an expert in his own field, even though he has now completely withdrawn from this profession.



Dedicated to all on the Path of truth and self-mastery.
In remembrance of my grandmother Elsie May Williams
and her wise words

"It is not what you experience in life,
it is what you do with those experiences."