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This web site only touches the surface of the insights of hypnosis. For the full inside story you really need to purchase the book. There are no hypnosis books like this. It has a genre of its own.


The Book

At one time hypnosis was seen as a mysterious and fascinating art that had always mystified the masses.
How in the 21st.century the mysticism appears to have been de-mystified.
What we are now led to believe is that hypnosis is ‘Software’ to safely reprogram the mind as though the mind was merely a computer.
In this book Dr. Jeremy Wheeler presents new insights beyond the clinical text books.  Esoteric  and secret knowledge that was once for the initiated only is revealed, pulling back the curtains to reveal again the mysticism of hypnotism.
The book is about an amazing journey and the story of Jeremy’s experiences as a hypnotist, that at times transcends our normal comprehension of reality.


Readers Feed Back & Reviews

“Great read – worth looking at”
Mary-Lee Russell - Milton Keynes UK


“I was most impressed with this material; clearly you have given your book a great deal of thought. I particularly liked the way you balanced the human-interest elements of this account with touches of humour (for example, the ‘ginger cat’ incident). The explanation of your own depression helps to 'win over' those who are cynical towards hypnotists; they are given the opportunity to identify with you in a unique way, which is a vital element.
Trevor Harris - Torquay UK

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Looks like you could end up a successful healer if you wanted to as you seem to understand whats what more than most folk.”
Jeff Lowe - Nottingham UK


“I'm reading your book right now. I think you have really valuable insights into the issue of hypnosis. But, my God, the numbers of people who have been hurt and misled.”
Katie Dean - Durham NC USA


I absolutely LOVE your book. - As a true expose by such a formerly renowned hypnotist, this hypnosis book is unique, fraught with universal appeal. Not only is such a book a novelty, but it is destined to become one of the more controversial and entertaining works among seekers of truth in the twenty first century.
Doyle Perkins - Boston MA USA


Well the book is totally amazing!! I love it so much and thanks a million, I think its so well put together. I already burnt the dinner once cos I was reading it to Michael my partner, in the back of the car while he was cleaning it. It’s brilliant. I'm not finished reading it yet but its gripping stuff!! I’d say I will have to read it again cos there is a lot to take in. Michael can’t get over it. Your a genius!!
Denise Walsh - Carlow Ireland


Good stuff - Recommended
John Hall - Manchester England


I've been reading your book and it's a fascinating read.


Fantastic book. I really enjoyed it.
Timely advice for me as I was considering seeing a hypnotherapist, wasn't really aware of the dangers - thanks.
Had quite a few ah ha moments, the biggest one being with the way you were sold on the hypnotist course originally. I believe practically every technique you mention is employed by the more shady internet marketing seminar gurus around these days as I have experienced similar sales processes first hand.
It was interesting to read about your spiritual experiences and the Rosicrucians and I liked the metaphors for health relative to the parts of the body.
Recently, I have begun studying a course by C.C. Zain called the Light of Egypt and in an amazing piece of synchronicity, a teacher of that philosophy recommended meditation over hypnotic therapy to me just in the last week without having much opportunity to go into why, so I am really glad I found your material.
Was also interested in the psychic faculties people were experiencing, people you describe as trance mediums.... the Light of Egypt course I mention also advises against this kind of mediumship describing it as feeling ESP whereas they do advocate developing what they call intellectual ESP. Do you have any more insights into this or any other book recommendations?
Please keep me informed of any other hypnosis books you plan to write.
Warm Regards,

Dean Stephenson - Kiama New South Wales Australia