all hypnotherpay qualifications are a sham


The truth is that yes, all these activities previously mentioned, watching television, driving a car and fishing, can and do produce trance like states of consciousness within the mind. But this is not true hypnosis.
True hypnosis is when another person deliberately attempts to alter your own state of consciousness, taking you from your natural trance like state of mind, into a deeper hypnotic state of consciousness, so that in turn, they can influence your thoughts and feelings - through suggestions of their own choosing!


By a hypnotist suggesting to you that driving a car, fishing, or watching television is hypnotic, you can relate to that because we are all aware that these activities do in fact influence our consciousness. This in turn helps the hypnotist build rapport with you as you then place your trust in them and you become more open to his or her suggestions. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all hypnotists or hypnotherapists will be trying to trick you into trance. What I am saying is, that the majority of hypnotists and hypnotherapists believe what they are saying because many of them are not even aware themselves of the true nature of hypnosis. The majority of hypnotists and hypnotherapists will also tell you, "You can’t be hypnotised against your will" and secondly,"You would not fundamentally do anything that would contradict your own moral values or ethics."


You can be hypnotised against your will, and with a highly skilled operator, they could get you to do anything! AND THAT’S SCAREY.

It isn’t that all hypnotists are liars. It is that the majority of them are not even aware of the power they wield themselves. Many hypnotherapists wouldn’t know how to hypnotise someone against their will, even though at times they are actually doing it, or how to get someone to carry out an act that in normal life circumstances they wouldn’t perform. However, many stage hypnotist know how to do these things, but generally they remain secretive about their profession.


N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
DIANETICS (Scientology)

Hypnosis can take on many disguises by using different names. NLP is now at the forefront of self-help and personal growth. However this too is a form of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders of NLP author and presenter, openly admits the best trance induction is to look at someone, breathe at the same rate as them and start to go into trance yourself. The subject will go right into trance with you! Thus another truth openly revealed, only confirming what I am saying? you can be hypnotised against your will.

In the West we have been studying consciousness for a couple of hundred years. However, in the East they have been studying consciousness for over five thousand years. Who do we listen to? The hypnotherapist, or the spiritual giants, the guru's of the East?


Swami Vivekananda
Acknowledged as the foremost of Sri Ramakrishna's many notable disciples, both lay and monastic, Swami Vivekananda was an illumined being of the highest order. As the forerunner who brought the spiritual teachings of India to the West in 1893 at the convening of the Parliament of Religions in Chicago, he has greatly influenced the last hundred years of spiritual growth in Europe and America.

Swami Vivekananda mentions hypnosis in his commentaries, “think of the mind like a team of wild horses, and rather than controlling them through muscular strength and taking hold of the reins, you ask another to hit them on the head to stun them into a submissive state for a short period of time. Each time another stuns the horses into submission the person loses an amount of their own mental energy. From continued regular sessions of hypnosis from another person, entering into this docile state, instead of gaining power and better control, the mind can become a shapeless powerless mass eventually leading to the mental asylum.”

Hypnosis is a form of trespass upon another's consciousness. Repeated hypnosis, and the negative effects it produces, can eventually derange the brain cells.

Hypnotism has been used by physicians in minor operations as a sort of psychical chloroform for persons who might be endangered by an aesthetic. But a hypnotic state is harmful to those often subjected to it; a negative psychological effect ensues that in time deranges the brain cells. Hypnotism is trespass into the territory of another's consciousness. Its temporary phenomena have nothing in common with the miracles performed by men of divine realization. (Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda)



"There was a young man who lived alone, and during the rainy season his roof would leak. His neighbours suggested to him that he should repair the leak. His response was: why repair it while it was so wet, it would be easier to repair in the dry season. But when the dry season arrived, he thought, why repair it now, as it is not raining? Do not let your roof leak; acquaint yourself now for a search of the Truth."