"No properly recognised degrees in hypnosis are issued anywhere in the world"


Now it is at this stage there may start to be reason for concern. Much criticism, about stage hypnosis comes from hypnotherapists, however we instantly find ambiguity here because it was the retired stage hypnotists that started many of the schools with regards to hypnosis training, and this is still true to this day. Many of the newer schools that run hypnosis training are also run by other therapists, who possibly could see there was more money to be earned from training rather than in therapy. HYPNOTHERAPY QUALIFICATIONS ARE ONLY WORTH THE VALUE OF THE PAPER THE CERTIFICATE IS PRINTED ON - HYPNOSIS TRAINING CAN EARN MORE MONEY THAN THERAPY! There are so many courses to choose from. They range from a short correspondence course, costing a few hundred pounds, to the other extreme, a longer hypnosis training on a one to one basis costing thousands of pounds. Whether your training costs you two hundred pounds or nearer twenty thousand pounds makes no difference: the certificate or hypnotherapy qualifications you will receive are only worth the value of the sheet of paper it is printed on. The reason for that is because there is no one governing body controlling the system. This is confirmed by this following extract from the Daily Telegraph.
Extract from a letter to the Daily Telegraph printed in that journal on 5/10/1984
"It is time that the general public be informed that there is no such person as a "qualified hypnotherapist", and claims of degrees in this speciality exist only in the fantasies of the so-called "therapist". No properly recognised degrees in hypnosis are issued anywhere in the world."
(Dr) David Waxman
British Society of Medical & Dental Hypnosis
London W.1
(nb. Although this above letter was in 1984 it remains the same 30 years later on in 2014. See in the UK BBC News October 2009.

Not only that, after having extensively studied in this field of consciousness, regardless of the hypnotherapy qualifications you may have received, there is no promise that you can make a living out of it, or that you will be successful as a hypnotherapist.


Hypnosis is an art. We can all learn how to do it, but certain people have an unexplainable knack, almost like a hidden secret, and this knack, this secret, is what can make or break you, should you dare to tread the path of a hypnotist. We could all learn to play the piano, but only one or two of us could become concert pianists. These days, the success rates of the majority of hypnotherapists are achieved by using tried and tested techniques. To truly understand the phenomenon of hypnosis one needs to look into the world of the occult, esoterics and metaphysics.
For any member of the general public considering whether to train as a stress management consultant or hypnotherapist I would say, think twice before parting with your hard earned money, look around at alternatives and costs, and make sure that you are not hypnotised into a path you would not have otherwise trod. I mean to say, a hypnotist will be trying to sell you his product, and will, without you realising it, hypnotise you into becoming a hypnotist. I believe that’s what happened to me?

Yet here is some more food for thought, the only character reference that was requiredHYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING REFERENCES ARE WHETHER YOU CAN PAY THE REQUIRED CASH from me was whether I could pay the four thousand six hundred pounds for tuition, and I believe it is the same scenario with most Institutions, Associations, and Societies that train hypnotherapists worldwide. Question: So what qualifications do you need for hypnotherapy? Answer: Cash money, that's all.


Also what real knowledge does the hypnotherapist have? What training has he or she undergone with regards to psychology and psychiatry? But above all, this person who is about to hypnotise you, to take control and influence your mind, do they really know what they are doing? How can they? THE MIND IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING YOU HAVE - WILL YOUR HYPNOTHERAPY HYPNOSIS TRAINING SUFFICE?  hOW CAN IT? Even if they were the worlds most highly recognised doctor of psychology or professor of psychiatry, science and the medical profession openly admit they don’t know what the mind is. The brain, yes, and this organ, the brain is so highly complex, but the mind can’t even be seen or touched, it is something invisible, abstract, intangible, something from the invisible world, part of our consciousness.

"The mind is the most precious thing you have that’s not only incredibly complex, sophisticated but also totally unique to each individuals diverse personality."